• meter manager system

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    meter manager system  dbmis6e  Service guidance  Email:tawangyue@163.com
    Fee for service: $100
    The management software is developed based on 32 bit in Windows operating system, with Microsoft’s MDAC data accessing assembly itself, running at Chinese version of MS Window98SE/2000 and English version of Window XP.
    If screen shows abnormally when system runs, please insure that system’s display color at least be set up at 16 bit over resolution of 800*600 (32 bit real multicolor 1024*768 better).
     Other system function
    Apart from extraordinary task processing capability, it is at good at statistical analysis, providing comprehensive statistical data for analysis and decision-making.
    System authority
    System provides a rigid management of operation authority, a basic data record function of convenience and standard, a perfect function of data backup, modification and restoration. All this makes system safe and reliable.

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